Hi, I'm Kay

@Kaydamphyr (she/they)

I'm a TTRPG performer, game master, and talk show host. I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion, charity games, and indies. Find me every Tuesday on the Chaotic Wholesome Talk Show, and every other Wednesday on the Emergency Power Podcast! join the Chaotic Wholesome Discord for updates on where I'll be up to, future shows and charity streams, and casting calls!

The Chaotic Wholesome Talk Show

Tuesdays at 3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern

Kay headlines a weekly TTRPG talks show along with her co-host David Lee. The Chaotic Wholesome Talk Show covers tools, tips, and hot takes, as well as indie systems. Check out past episodes at the link below!


& Storytelling

I love telling collaborative stories, embrasing the unexpected, sharing the spotlight, and believe that stories have the power to change hearts and minds. You can usually find me playing unusual characters who are deeper and more complex than they may first appear.

Streams & Actual Plays

Find out where and when I'll be streaming and performing. Thank you for your support!


Thank you for your support! I am incredibly grateful for each and every follow, retweet, view, comment, and subscription, as every interaction brings me one step closer to my goals. Here's where you can find me across the Internet!

Streams & Actual Plays

TTRPGs & GMing

I'm of the chaotic wholesome alignment and believe in embracing the unexpected, having collective fun, sharing the spotlight, and telling stories with the power to change hearts and minds. I love collaborative performances and often play quirky or unusual characters who are deeper than they may first appear.I am available to DM and to play in campaigns, in person, online, and at conventions. I love charity streams and events which directly benefit and empower under represented communities. Please see some examples of my work below, and contact me for availability and rates.